Why an account with us?

Three Professionals in an agreement

One day, on a business purpose, say you have traveled from airport to the hotel that was booked for the stay. Initially, if there is a situation that you would spend money from your pocket and then the expense could be recovered from the company by submitting appropriate and valid bills. Once when you return to your home town, you might not have the track of reference number for the minicabs rides you had during the trip. Hence it would be difficult to produce a proper document containing the bills of those rides. Exactly for these kind of situations, we, the Private Hire Wood Green have a solution.

How could accounts be helpful?

Create an account with Minicabs Wood Green, i.e. us by using the sign up form. All you have to do is to furnish your email address through which communication can occur, a strong password and other business details. As soon as you submit the sign up form, we will be sending you a verification email and you shall be following the link that’s present in the mail body. Now you are on-board with us and you can have access to all the list of rides you have had with us. You could take a print of any of the bill. Signing up also leverages your happiness by availing the occasional discounts and offers that we would love to provide to our loyal customers. Therefore, hurry up and help us to make a better transport organization by creating an account and staying in touch with us.

How can your business benefit?

By creating a business account with Minicabs Wood Green, you have the power of flexibility and the ability to choose your driver and vehicle. You get a prioritized service 24 hours a day. You will have an account manager and you can rest assured that our most seniour drivers will delivery the bespoke services you need for your business and clients. As for billing, you can say goodbye to having petty cash all the time as our business accounts are billed on a monthly or fortnightly basis. Call us today to find out more about our minicab accounts on 020 8226 5509.

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